Gladiator by Playtech – Enter the Arena

Gladiator by Playtech - Enter the Arena

Inspired by one of the most iconic movies of all times, the Gladiator slot powered by Playtech brings fast-paced spinning actions. The game is also packed with awesome animations and pivotal characters from the movie. As you make this Playtech release your fighting arena, you also get to enjoy great Gladiator bonus features, awesome payouts, and other quite rewarding surprises.

This highly appealing video slot boasts 5 reels and 25 paylines. Besides incorporating actual images from the movies, the game is also packed with bonus symbols which bring generous prizes. Moreover, during their Gladiator gameplay, players also get to take advantage of the game’s Free Spins, awesome multipliers, additional Wilds and Scatters and many other in-game extras.

Those players who loved the movie will most certainly enjoy spinning the reels of the Gladiator game. Just like in the movie, there are amazing revenge-powered adventures packed with great bonuses and prizes. Just as the game deserved its Oscar, the game deserves your attention. With the very first spin of the Gladiator reels, you get to join Maximus. Maximus used to enjoy his family life before his entire family got killed and before he was falsely accused and imprisoned.

As you start playing the game, you join Maximus who becomes Gladiator ready to fight his own way back to the freedom. With every new victory, he records in the Coliseum his popularity grows a bit. With the game, you get to re-enact all of those crucial parts of the movie. You get to join Maximus in the ring and score some generous prizes for yourself.

When it comes to the game’s visual and audio aspects, you will not be disappointed. As expected from Playtech, the company did an amazing job with the game. Gladiator is packed with top-notch graphics and stunning visuals which make everything in the game come to life. As already mentioned, the game is packed with clips from the movie featuring plenty of the movie’s stars in the game.

On the reels, you will come across Russel Crowe starring Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commodus the baddie, Senator Gracchus, Lucilla and other. As you travel back to those Roman times, you will most certainly enjoy the game’s iconic soundtrack playing in the background. The game’s sound effects, in fact, add more to the game bringing a veil of mystery which most certainly matches the game’s theme.

Besides boasting awesome visuals and interesting sound effects, this thrilling Playtech release is also packed with great bonuses and other surprises. There are two great bonus features packed with plenty of Free Spins and awesome instant cash prizes. The game attraction of the game is most certainly its Gladiator Bonus feature. This mode is triggered by landing three or more of those Bonus Gladiator Helmets in any position on the reels.

Once players trigger this mode, they are taken to another screen packed with nine bronze, silver and gold helmets. Players do not have to choose anything themselves here, but every helmet comes with some cash amount which is added to the players’ total cash prize. It should be noted that these Gladiator Helmets also can award players with massive progressive jackpot prizes.

In addition to this lucrative bonus mode, Gladiator is also packed with another generously paying bonus feature. It is named as the Coliseum Bonus mode. This one is triggered by landing three or more of those Scattered Coliseum symbols in any position on the reels. Once players activate the mode, they are transported to another screen with four different levels. These levels include extra Wilds, extras Scatters, Free Spins and great Multipliers.

The main task here is to pick one stone from every row. Players start with the Free Spins and move further by adding other extras such as great Multipliers. Once they are done with their picks, the game’s Free Spins mode starts. It should be noted that this bonus mode cannot be re-triggered, but landing those Commodus symbols on reel three brings three extra Free Spins.

There are definitely some big winnings waiting for players in the Gladiator game. With these lucrative bonus features, with awesome Multipliers and extras Wilds and Scatters, players can definitely score generous winnings. The game december not be packed with 3D animations or a superb design as some other Playtech games, but it is definitely worth a spin or two especially if you enjoyed the movie.